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Fic Request #9


Title: Caught In The Moment
Summary: Draco and Hermione get caught up in the moment, despite everything they've got going against them, and each other.
Rating: NC-17


There were times when it paid to have half the student body of Hogwarts terrified of you.

Draco Malfoy kept his amusement hidden behind the annoyed façade he currently wore as he watched two first year Hufflepuff’s give him wide eyed, frightened looks before running off down the hall. When they’d disappeared, he let the grin transform his face from a cold mask into a remarkably handsome seventh year Slytherin, who just happened to be Head Boy as well.

The easy smile would have earned him plenty of suspicious looks from his fellow Slytherins, whom, although rather subdued since the recent defeat of Voldemort, still harbored ill will towards those not of their house or those who had turned against it. While many great Slytherin families had fallen during the final battle, still others had turned against the Dark Lord and fought with Potter and the Dream Team.

Which only led to even more tense inter-house relations.

It wouldn’t be easy to overcome the stereotypes, as Professor Dumbledore kept encouraging him, and to be certain, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. Not many of his fellow Slytherins knew he’d ended up fighting against Voldemort in the end. Surprisingly, that had been Dumbledore’s idea. While Draco was in no way ready to become as goody-goody as the Golden Trio, he was well aware that Voldemort did not stand a chance against them. Which was why he’d gone to Dumbledore, offering to become a spy, since his father was planning on initiating him into the Death Eaters anyhow. He’d known the benefits of allying himself with the winning side, not to mention he’d never respected the Dark Lord anyhow, affronted not only by how he kept, but how he used his power. To him, there were much more subtle ways to exert power, without bringing the attention of the entire wizarding world down on him.

In the end, it had been his information that had allowed Harry to defeat the Dark Lord, once and for all.

However, during the battle, his father had been exposed as a Death Eater, and Voldemort’s right hand man. He was currently serving a life sentence in Azkaban, although thankfully, had been spared the Dementors Kiss thanks in no large part to several well-placed bribes to certain prison officials, not to mention the strong testimony from his mother.

The thought of Narcissa Malfoy made him smile. His mother had been the soul saving grace in the entire messed up situation that was his life. While Lucius definitely controlled the household, his mother held a quiet power over her husband that she chose only to use in extreme circumstances. He knew that she had not approved of his father’s association with the Death Eaters, more, he suspected, for the knowledge that if found out, he would end up exactly as he currently was, but she had still supported him, as a woman in love with her husband should do.

Because, and here was the thought that would boggle the mind of anyone who knew the Malfoy family, Draco ruminated. His father truly loved his mother. Sure they’d had their arguments and fights, but Lucius had never once raised a hand to Narcissa, partly in fear, he suspected, that she would strike back. While their fights had always frightened him when he was younger, he had realized that it was just the passion behind their love that made them that way.

Not that they ever showed that in public, and Draco would be drawn and quartered before telling anyone that. Most of the world thought his father a right bastard, who deserved everything he got. In some ways, he could sympathize, well aware of the monstrosity’s his father had commited while under the lure of Voldemort. But he knew, somehow, even if it was the foolish hope of a boy who wanted nothing but his father’s respect, that deep down, his father had some spark of humanity that Voldemort hadn’t corrupted. He had to, simply for the fact that a truly evil man could not love someone as much as Lucius did Narcissa.

Living in the shadow of such love was not always easy for the child of it. There were times he often felt left out, knowing that they had their own private world that he was only allowed a glimpse into now and then. He knew his parents loved him, in their own way, but not as much as they loved each other. He’d grown to accept that over the years, telling himself it didn’t matter because they were fond enough of him, especially considering he was their only heir and proper upbringing was a key part of him taking his rightful place in the world one day.

Now that his father was in prison, it fell to his mother to keep up apperances and she had been doing a fine job of it so far. Narcissa Malfoy was a powerful woman, weilding enough social status and with the Malfoy money behind her, determined to see her husband through. Despite the knoweldge that Lucius would never be released, she never gave up hope and continued to visit him weekly. To the world, she presented the perfect picture of a loving wife, calmly accepting the reality of her husband’s evil deeds, but clearly able to forgive him, if not everything, than enough. It was only at night that he’d hear her crying in her room and he’d back away, knowing her grief at being separated from her husband was too private to intrude on.

Still immersed in his thoughts about his family, he was not paying attention to where he was walking, which was why the sudden impact with another body stole his breath and brought him down to the ground, tangled with another pair of limbs.

“You know, you really should watch where you’re going, Malfoy.”

Draco sighed, quickly masking the unwanted feeling of desire that swept over him everytime he was around Hermione Granger. Struggling to his feet, he deliberately did not offer her a hand up, seeing as she was nearly on her feet as well.

“Look who’s talking, Granger. I believe you crossed my path, since I’m making the rounds this afternoon. And while I’m on the subject, shouldn’t you be helping Potty and Weasel copy your Arithmancy homework?”

He had to hide the flash of admiration that shot through his eyes as her brown orbs fired up with anger. For some reason, she looked even more appealing when she was angry. The past two years had seen her body mature into that of a full blown woman, her brown hair curled neatly to mid-back, her clothing, when not in robes, geared to show off the body he knew damn well was hidden beneath the loose cloth.

Somehow, without him noticing, Hermione Granger had become the sexiest woman he’d ever seen and it drove him crazy to realize she was, most likely, the one woman in the entirety of Hogwarts that he couldn’t have.

He wondered if kissing her would stop the rant he saw forthcoming. He frowned as the image of kissing Hermoine, and if he were honest, doing a whole lot more to her, played in his mind. This would not do! She was Hermione Granger, half-breed, mudblood witch, although he had not been able to call her the hated name for several years now. Still, she annoyed him like no other and he knew that was dangerous.

It didn’t help that they had to spend so much time together as Head Boy and Girl.

“Malfoy! Of all the ungrateful, stupid, stuck-up, egotistical things to say-”

He tuned out her words, focusing instead on her lips, noting how full and lush they looked, just ripe and ready to be kissed. He wondered if she’d ever truly been kissed before. He knew she had dated Viktor Krum but he had a feeling it hadn’t gone too far. Harry and Hermione had been an item for a while, until they’d realized they just worked better as friends. Draco could still feel the satisfaction of getting Hermoine one night to admit that sex with Harry was definitely nothing to brag about.

Still, it had him wondering, more often than he should, what it would be like to initiate the stubborn Gryffindor into the world of pleasure until she was screaming his name in ecstasy.

And he knew sexy, having made his way through most of the girls in all the houses in his time at Hogwarts. It was a mark of pride that he was known as an incredible lover and he had no problems with indulging in the fruits of that labor. However, for the past few months, he was annoyed to find that the only person he wanted was the one that had until recently, been his bitterest enemy. Not that he didn’t still dislike her intently, but since the final battle, they had managed to be civil to each other.

Most of the time.

And if he ever was tempted to give into the thoughts of what Hermoine Granger would look like spread out beneath him in his bed, those thoughts were tainted by the realization that if his parents ever found out he was thinking like this about a lowly mudblood, they’d probably disown him.

Strangely, the hateful word, which he could not speak aloud anymore, now seemed distasteful in his mind, and despite his love for his mother, he hated to hear her use it. Especially when talking about Hermione, as she was won’t to do in her letters, considering how much they had to be in contact in their positions. Despite everything that Narcissa Malfoy had been through, her pride was all she had left and Draco knew that pride tended to manifest itself as snobbery. Not that he’d have objected, but ever since he’d gotten to know Hermione a little better, he’d realized that maybe, his parents were wrong in their assumptions that half-bloods were not as good as pure-bloods.

Of course, he’d never admit that to a living soul, and the thought he was even considering it at times made him even rudder to Hermione than he would normally be. It was a fatal attraction, he knew, for both of them. For despite the fact that Harry and Pansy were now dating, the latter having switched loyalties during the months before the battle, unbeknownst to him, also working with the Golden Trio to bring down Voldemort, the interhouse rivalries ran thick. As did the knowledge that it just wouldn’t do for one such as Draco Malfoy to be seen consorting with one such as Hermoine Granger, especially in a romantic sense.

But it didn’t stop the desire that burst to life inside his body every time he looked at her, especially now, her chest heaving as her arms waved around, emphasizing the tirade he had heard not a word of. He could only imagine how the fast beating pulse in her neck would feel against his lips, how her skin would taste.

The thought sent all the blood in his body south, and he forced himself to regain control of his emotions, knowing the last thing he needed to do was make Hermione aware of his current state. She’d never let him live it down.

“You’re not even listening, are you Draco?”

He watched as she stamped her foot, eyes sparking, chest heaving, mouth pursed. The movement caused her chest to heave, bringing her breasts into greater prominence through the thin top she wore underneath her robes. With a small groan, he decided that a man could only resist so much temptation.

“Why should I listen when I could find much better things to do with that annoying mouth of yours?” He was barely aware of her shocked expression as he yanked her into his arms and crushed his lips to hers. The intense sensation nearly knocked him off his feet. Not to mention the way she stiffened, then melted against him, her mouth opening eagerly to his. Thrusting his tongue to meet hers, he took the kiss deeper, using his body to pin her back against the wall, his hands stroking up the sides of her robes to cup her breasts through the material, delighting to feel the hard nubs against his fingers.

“Draco!” The breathy sound of her voice as she moaned his first name went over him like a dose of cold water. Yanking away from her, he pulled back, cursing himself for losing control, and in such a public place. Unable to face her, his body demanding he continue, he turned on his heel and strode off, leaving a very confused, very aroused Gryffindor staring after him.


Hermione sighed as she attempted again to focus on her Potions paper that was due tomorrow. But her mind continued to go back to that afternoon’s strange encounter with Draco. Her body heated just thinking about the feel of his strong, hard body pressed so tightly against hers; his mouth devouring hers with a hunger that at first had frightened, but then stirred something violently passionate deep within her.

She had no idea what had caused Draco to suddenly kiss her, and she found herself ashamed she should be remembering it with such pleasure instead of disgust. Sure, he’d helped out their side during the final battle, but she knew, deep down, that he had his own reasons for doing so. Still, the knoweldge that he’d gone against Voldemort had given him points in her book, along with the fact that he had not called her mudblood since their sixth year. However, Harry and Ron were still wary of him, and if they ever found out their best friend harbored these types of thoughts for the sneaky Slytherin, well, she didn’t want to think about what they might do.

She wasn’t going to deny she was attracted to him, her response today proved that without a question. And who wouldn’t be? Those muscles, the silvery eyes that could caress you with a simple glance, that voice that could stir your blood with a whisper in your ear. Well, Draco had gotten his reputation as a lover quite rightly. And she’d heard plenty of stories from Lavender, before her friend had finally settled into a serious relationship with Ron.

“Hey, ‘Mione, you with us?”

She jumped, brought out of her heated thoughts about Draco at the sound of Ginny’s amused voice. Dragging her thoughts together, she turned to smile at where her best friend sat perched on the lap of her current boyfriend, Neville Longbottom. The two were remarkably cute together, Neville have matured into a very handsome, quite good wizard during the final battle.

“Sorry, just trying to gather my thoughts on this paper for Professor Snape, I’m feeling a little restless tonight.” She chose to ignore the sly look Ginny shot her, knowing her best friend suspected she harbored feelings for the Hogwarts Head Boy.

“Well, you know what they say is the best cure for restlessness, don’t you, Hermoine?” This time, the voice came from Ron, who had just walked into the common room hand in hand with Lavender. She tried not to feel depressed at the sight of the two happy couples, realizing she had no one.

“You know, ‘Mione, I could always go find Jackson Fraiser, you know he wouldn’t be adverse to helping you curb that restless streak-”

“Oh, shut up, Lavender. You know I told you what happened on our last date. Nope, don’t think Jackson and I are meant to be anything but friends.” She rose as her friend continued to plead her case for the nice, but rather dull young man she’d been conned into dating several times.

“Okay, since I really have no desire to be told how to run my love life by my so-called friends, I’m going back to my room to finish this potions essay in peace.”

“Right, I’m sure Hogwarts Head Boy will be much less of a distraction than us!”

Hermione deliberately did not look back at Ginny’s teasing words, not wanting the images of earlier to come to mind until she was well and truly alone. She breathed a sigh of relief as she reached the quarters she shared with Draco, muttering the password and stepping inside in a breathless rush.

Taking a quick look around, she was relieved to see the common room seemed empty. Good, she really didn’t want to face Draco until she’d had time to steel her defenses against him. Not that she suspected he’d be bringing up their amorous encounter in the hallway. It was, she’d learned, despite her surprise, Draco’s tendency to avoid altogether situations he did not wish to control or even remember.

Still, she couldn’t help the tingle that slid through her body at the remembered feel of his lips on hers. Closing her eyes against the sensation, she sank down onto the couch, her eyes closing as the dream state took over.


Draco took a deep breath as he muttered the password to the rooms he shared with Hermione. He’d spent the past few hours roaming the Slytherin common room, not ready to face Hermione quite yet. He still couldn’t figure out what had caused him to give into his baser urges, although he couldn’t find himself regretting it.

Obviously, the girl had learned how to kiss, if nothing else. The remembered sensation of the way she’d held him to her, tongue tangled with his, kissing him as desperately as he was her, well, he would be needing a cold shower, right about now.

He came to a dead stop at the sight that greeted him when he walked through the portrait and into the common room.

Hermione lay on the couch, still wearing her robes, but obviously asleep. Her hair fanned out over the pillows, her robes unzipped and falling away to reveal the tank top and short skirt she wore beneath. The blood once again rushed to his lower extremities as he realized he’d never seen a more sensual picture than the one that greeted him.

Almost without thinking, he moved towards her as if in a trance, dropping his books quietly onto a padded chair so as not to wake her. Ignoring the voice screaming in his mind that this was a very bad idea, he came to a stop when he reached her body, looking down as her chest rose and fell with her soft breathing.

The urge to touch was almost overpowering and he found himself sinking to his knees before he could stop himself. Hesitantly, a new feeling for the practiced seducer he was, he allowed his fingers to skate a path from the bare skin of her neck down to the cleavage revealed by her tight top. He caught his breath as she stirred, but her eyes remained closed.

He was surrounded by the scent of her, something spicy and sweet, yet musky and arousing, and feeling daring, he allowed his other hand to gently cup a breast through the material. He hardened even more as he heard a soft moan come from the back of her throat as she unconsciously arched into his palm.

Brushing his free fingers across the tops of her breasts, he was awed at how soft her skin felt to his touch. She almost glowed at this close proximity and her skin seemed to flush at his contact. Feeling proud to know her body responded to him, even in sleep, he allowed the hand cupping her breast to slide down over her stomach until it rested against the waistband of her skirt.

Biting his lip, suffering an unusual pang of consciousness, he hesitated a moment. But at that instant, he felt her shift, her legs parting slightly underneath the skirt. But it was the murmured “Draco” that had his jaw dropping.

She was dreaming of him. And from the sound of her earlier moan and the way she whispered his name just now, it was obviously in a very, very good context. Feeling a pride and satisfaction overcome him, he allowed his hand to slip under her waistband.

The rat-a-tat-tat of an owl at the window suddenly shattered the spell he was under and he quickly removed his hands from Hermione, thankful to note that she simply shifted in her sleep but did not awake. Cursing the stupid bird, he gathered himself together and on shaky legs, his body so hard it was difficult to walk, made his way to the window.

Recognizing the carrier, he found his desire cooled a bit, a sense of guilt coming over him. Letting Narcissa’s owl inside, he took the parchment and fed the bird a scrap of the crackers they left on a tray by the window for such purposes. Feeling guilty for what he had just been doing to Hermione, but still aroused, he unrolled the parchment and began to read.


While you still have two more months at Hogwarts, it is time you thought about your future after you finish. To that respect, I have decided to find you a bride. You will need a good, respectable woman from a powerful wizarding family and I have several candidates that should suit just fine. You will return home this weekend for a party in your honor and to choose which woman you shall marry. I expect no problems with your granting me this request and I have already written to the headmaster who has approved your leave for the weekend. I will see you Saturday.


Your Mother.

He felt a slight pang at the words, knowing she spoke the truth, but balking a little at the thought of having to choose a bride. He rather liked the idea of exploring the world a bit after Hogwarts, trying out several wizarding ventures he’d heard about in exotic lands. Not to mention he planned fully to “sample” the merchandise at length.

But now, well, his mother was trying to take the newly acquired power he’d anticipated out of his hands. While he knew he would eventually have to marry, and marry well, he’d hoped to avoid the responsibility for a bit. However, his father’s situation made it a necessity for the Malfoy heir to take his place in the business world, with a beautiful wife to provide beautiful children and continue the Malfoy line.

Still, he found his eyes drawn to the beautiful Gryffindor asleep on the couch. Something inside his heart twisted a little at the knowledge that any future with her would be impossible. That twist was quickly pushed down, as his baser emotions took charge with a stern rebuking for even thinking of Granger that way. There was no way in hell he could, much less would, want to marry her. The problems would be too complicated. Hell, just the idea of fucking her was causing his body much more turmoil than any of the other unworthy women he’d had no problems fucking in the past years.

But he couldn’t rid his mind of the images of her writhing under his body, moaning his name as she closed around him, milking him for all she was worth.

Shuddering, he took a deep breath of the cool air blowing in the window. It was time to get these thoughts out of his head. He knew what he had to do and he would do it. With a small sigh, he sat down at the desk and penned a reply.


Hermione sighed as she relaxed in the bath later that night. She had the night rounds tonight, which meant she wouldn’t be getting to bed until the wee hours of the morning. Which meant she needed to relax and bathe before midnight.

Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to drift back to the erotic dreams of Draco she’d had while napping. She shuddered as she remembered the feel of his fingers on his skin. It almost seemed too real, as if it wasn’t a dream at all. But she knew that was stupid. Draco had been locked away in his room when she’d woken up, the only sign he was there the books sprawled across an armchair.

Still, she found an ache inside her that she was beginning to realize could only be filled by one other person. Or at least, a good, hard fucking by said person.

She was no fool. She knew full well that no matter how ambivalent about things Draco was, he had a dark side that was part of him. While he’d overcome the true desire to do evil, she knew he still had the powerful trappings of his family to live by. It was no secret that Narcissa Malfoy was determined to make sure her only son married a rich, well off, pure blood wizard. Personally, it was the only option she had left to keep the Malfoy name what it was, with Lucius now in prison.

Not that she was even considering the idea of marrying Draco, she wasn’t sure she even liked him at the moment, but she had to admit, he was quite a catch.

Realizing her thoughts had taken on a definitely forbidden tone, she pushed them down as she finished her bath. A half an hour later, and thankfully, no Draco sighting later, she found herself patrolling the halls of Hogwarts.

Usually, she loved these night watches, able to think and concentrate in a way the crowded, noisy castle did not provide during the day hours. Roaming the halls, one eye open for errant students, the other focused inward on whatever happened to be on her mind, she’d solved many a problem during these early morning hours.

But tonight, the only thing on her mind was the feel of Draco’s lips against hers, his body pressing her to the wall with a passion that still tingled in her system tonight. She closed her eyes a moment, imagining what might have happened if he had not stopped. Her breath hitched at the images now flooding her mind and she had to stop and lean against the wall to combat the desire that weakened her knees.

A sudden sound from the corridor ahead of her brought her out of her fantasy quickly. Moving quietly forward, she stopped as an amorous couple came into view. Blushing, she couldn’t stop herself from watching Harry and Pansy kissing as if there were no tomorrow. It had been a shock to learn Pansy had switched sides, but there was no denying that the pretty Slytherin had been a major asset to their victory against Voldemort. In some way, she found it fitting that Harry would be the one to see beyond the outer bitch Pansy always portrayed. While the relationship was still a thing of tension between the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses, she had to hand it to the both for how they dealt with it. Not to mention the longing she felt as she watched them kiss.

It brought back too many memories of this afternoon.

“Something on your mind, Granger?”

She jumped at the low, familiar voice, shivering as the words brushed over her ear as he came up behind her. Quickly turning, she pulled him back around the corner, not wanting Harry or Pansy to know they were there. Surprisingly, she didn’t notice that Draco, in a very unlikely fashion, did not protest or question her actions. When she’d gotten far enough away to be assured they wouldn’t be seen, she stopped, turning to face Draco, who had a strange smile on his face.

“Could it be that little display between Potter and Pansy got you a little hot and bothered?” Draco enjoyed her discomfort, although he knew full well how she felt. He’d been observing her observing the other couple for several minutes, getting more turned on by the moment at the flush in her cheeks and the way her chest was heaving against her thin robes.

“Actually, I’m wondering what you’re doing out here instead of getting all that beauty rest you so desperately need.” She was pleased her voice sounded sarcastic, although her heart was beating several times its normal speed. He really did look devastatingly handsome in the dark shadows of the castle walls.

Draco couldn’t help but smile as he caught sight of the rapid flutter of the pulse in her throat. Her voice sounded annoyed but her body told him she was definitely aroused.

“So you’ve noticed I’m handsome, have you, Granger?” He hid his smile at the way her eyes flashed, annoyance mixed with an awareness that made his body tighten in response.

“Someone has a pretty high opinion of himself. Don’t expect me to share it.” Turning, Hermione made as if to move, knowing that if she remained so close to him for much longer, she’d do something really, really stupid.

She couldn’t hide her gasp as he reached out and grasped her upper arm.

“I don’t expect anything from you, Granger. But I do expect you to not walk away so rudely when we haven’t finished our conversation.” Draco knew he should have let her go, the temptation was growing every moment he remained near her. But he couldn’t let her walk away just yet. Cursing, he tried not to notice how close his hand was to the swell of her breasts.

Hermione felt a tingling all over her body, radiating from the place where his hand rested on her arm. His touch burned through the light material, stealing the breath she found she had in short supply.

“Our conversation is over, Malfoy. I have rounds to continue and I don’t have time for this.” It was a logical excuse, she knew, but somehow, she could not make herself pull away from him.

“Well then, I’ll just continue them with you. After all, aren’t we supposed to promote interhouse unity?” He smirked at her panicked expression, waiting to see how she’d respond.

“Right, more like incite interhouse rivalries if anyone sees us together, they’d probably think you’re trying to seduce me, and we all know that’s just never going to happen.” Hermione couldn’t believe the words escaped her lips, although now that she’d said them, she found herself waiting almost breathlessly for his reply.

Draco had to fight down the desire that spread like wildfire through his body at her words, the image of seducing the young woman before him suddenly taking a starring role in his minds eyes. Swallowing hard, he tried to find a fitting reply, knowing it would not due to let her think she had caught him off guard.

“They’d probably think you were trying to land me, Granger. After all, it’s no secret that you want what so many others have bragged about.” He knew he sounded cocky but he couldn’t help himself. Besides, keeping up an attitude was the best way he knew to keep up his defenses, and around this woman, that was getting harder and harder to do.

Hermione huffed, hoping he’d take it as a sign of repugnance instead of a sign that she truly wanted to jump him right there, just to see if what Lavender had bragged about was really true. But that was one place she’d sworn not to go and she’d be damned if she would let him take her there now.

“I’m sure I’ve had much better than you, Malfoy. Not that I’d even stoop to thinking of you that way, knowing what you really think of me and my kind.” She couldn’t bring herself to say the word, especially when she admitted to herself that he hadn’t used it around her in several years. It was a little detail she knew he thought she hadn’t picked up on, but she had. In a strange way, it only increased the strange, most likely sick, fascination she had for him.

Her heart quickened however at the sudden flash in his eyes as her challenge, as she now realized she’d offered, registered. Swallowing hard, she stood her ground as he moved until he stood directly in her face, his lips only a hairsbreadth from hers.

“If, and that’s one big if, Granger, I would ever bring myself to even consider fucking you, I can tell you for a fact you’d forget everyone you’d ever been with, not that I hear its all that many,” he stopped for a moment, trying not to react to the glazed look in her eyes. Leaning closer, he breathed the words against her ear. “I could do things to you that you’ve never even dreamed of, and when I’d finished with you, the only man you’d ever want again would be me.” He allowed his lips to brush over her earlobe as he finished, smiling to himself as he felt her shudder against him.

Hermione was struggling to breathe, images of what he’d just whispered crashing through her mind. It was a challenge to bring herself back under control, and only the knowledge that he believed he had the upper hand that did it. Struggling to find her voice, she managed to lean forward so her lips were now brushing over his earlobe.

“It goes both ways, Malfoy. Although it would be you who wouldn’t be able to fuck another woman after me. Trust me, I’m more than you can handle.”

It was a deliberate challenge and part of her soared at the tension she could feel radiate through his body. It was increased by the hard stab of his arousal she could feel pressing against her thigh as she leaned into him.

Draco knew a challenge when he heard one and despite the warnings flashing through his brain, despite the knowledge that this was extremely wrong, he would be damned if he couldn’t prove her wrong. It would be easy, considering the way she was panting against him, her nipples hard little peaks where her breasts pressed against his chest.

“Challenge accepted, Granger.” Muttering the words, he leaned down and captured her lips in a brutal kiss.

Hermione remained stiff for a moment, shocked at his actions. But the white-hot heat that suddenly flared through her body had her immediately melting against him, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck as she returned his kiss with everything she was worth.

Unwilling to let him be the aggressor, she tightened one hand on the back of his neck, twisting her tongue against his, raking the nails of her free hand up and down his back, forcing him to deepen the kiss. The feelings running through her body were like nothing she’d ever felt before. Coherent thought, along with the memories of what was at stake, slowly faded as she felt him push her back against the wall, his hands holding her head locked to his.

Draco knew this was dangerous, not to mention too public a place to do what he really wanted at the moment. But the feel of her lips devouring his, her soft, lithe body pressed tightly to his as she obviously returned his kiss with a passion that shocked and aroused him, had common sense on a very thin leash.

Unable to hold back his moan, he allowed his hands to move from their grip on her hair to her shoulders and then down her arms to her sides. Without releasing her mouth, he slid his hands up her sides until he cupped her breasts in his hands, stroking and kneading, tweaking the hard nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

Hermione whimpered against his mouth as sensations crashed over her body. Arching into him, she pulled him closer, running her hands down his spine until they cupped his backside, pulling him sharply against her.

They both moaned as his heated arousal pressed against her aching center.

Without thinking, Hermione lifted her leg to wrap around his waist, uncaring of the robes that hindered her movements. All she knew was that she would die if she couldn’t feel him where she wanted him most.

Draco struggled for control even as he pressed against her, his hand sliding down to grasp her thigh, keeping her pressed against him. They really needed to move this someplace more private. Pulling back, he allowed his lips to plant nibbling kisses against her collarbone, his hands never stopping their bold caresses. He had her right where he wanted her and he was going to enjoy proving her wrong.

“Let’s move this someplace a little more private,” he husked against her skin, feeling her shudder underneath him. His arousal was almost painful and he knew he had to be inside her very soon, before he went crazy.

Hermione shook her head, her hand sliding to his waist, cupping him through the fabric of their robes. Desire held her in its grip and she knew Draco was right there with her as he shuddered and arched into her palm.

“Granger!” It was a struggle not to call her Hermione, but he wouldn’t give her that satisfaction. Not to mention that she had to remain Granger to him if he were going to do this. It was the only way he could distance himself from the emotions he knew he couldn’t afford.

“What’s wrong, Malfoy? Getting to be too much for you? I could always stop-”

“Shut up!” He ground out the words as he crushed his lips to hers again his fingers going for the zip on her robe, parting the material with a quick tug, happy to feel her help him by shrugging it off her shoulders. He barely noticed her do the same until he felt the cool air circulating around their bodies.

Uncaring who might see, unable to control the desire of the moment, he allowed his hands to slide under her T-shirt, pleased to feel warm, bare skin against his palms. Her small whimper as she arched towards him inflamed his passion and he lightly bit her lower lip as his hands closed her the soft globes of her breasts.

Hermione felt stars explode behind her eyes as his long, lean fingers stroked and pulled at her nipples until they were aching nubs, the pleasure almost unbearable. Needing to feel him, she allowed her hands free reign as they slid under his shirt, delighting in his low groan as she brushed her fingers across his small nipples. Uncaring of anything but the pleasure now, she raked her hands down his chest, enjoying the hiss he gave as she trailed her fingers to the waistband of the loose drawstring pants he wore.

Her immediate need to feel him was suddenly shattered as she felt his fingers slide between her legs. She couldn’t help but cry out softly as he stroked her wiry curls, running his index finger lightly over her folds.

“Someone’s eager, aren’t they?” Draco could barely get the words out, the heat and wetness that he found awaiting him nearly overpowering everything. Enjoying the reactions he was getting, he slid a digit into her willing warmth, feeling his own arousal harden at the way her inner muscles clamped down around his finger.

Hermione couldn’t help but arch into him, her hips guiding his hand in the motion she needed. Pleased when he began to stroke her quick and fast, she regained enough sense to realize he must be getting pretty near the breaking point himself.

Sliding her hand under the waistband of his pants, she felt him shudder as she found pure, male skin, his shaft hard and pulsing as her fingers curled around it. His low curse accompanied the sudden stab of his fingers into her core and she whimpered, tightening her grip on him.

Draco knew he was fast approaching the point of no return, but the feel of her small fingers stroking him so curiously, yet knowledgeably, was almost too much to bear. Without thinking, lost completely in the moment, he used his free hand to raise her skirt about her waist, feeling her pushing at his pants until they dropped to his ankles.

Hermione was lost in the sensations swamping her, knowing only a desperate need to feel Draco against her, inside her. All thoughts of where they were, or who might see, fled her mind as she felt the tip of him replace his fingers against her core.

Draco moaned as he felt her wetness enclose just the tip of him as he remained poised at her entrance, helping her wrap her leg around his waist, positioning them perfectly against each other. The desire was almost overpowering and he suddenly realized he needed to see he was not alone. Opening his eyes, he found himself gazing into the stormy depths of an equally aroused Hermione.

Hermione caught her breath at the passion in the eyes staring into hers. Everything inside her was screaming at how wrong this was, how nothing could come of it, what everyone would think if they found out.

But all that was lost as she felt him clutch her hips and thrust deeply into her.

She bit down on his shoulder to stifle her cry as he filled her to the breaking point, her muscles clamping down hard around him, hearing him curse against her throat.

“So damn tight, Hermione.” The words, coupled with the use of her first name were enough to have her hips arching into his, desperate to feel him begin to move. She didn’t complain as he lifted her other leg to wrap around his waist, anchoring her against the cool stone of the wall as he began to thrust.

Draco knew he’d never felt anything quite like this before in his life. Hermione sheathed him like a glove, the heat and wetness surrounding him spurring him to move faster, harder, encouraged by her moans and whimpers. He knew this was extremely dangerous, knew that anyone could see them, but he just didn’t care. Nothing mattered in this moment but the feel of her against him, around him, inside him as he pushed harder and harder for the release he could feel coming on like a freight train.

Hermione was lost to everything but the feel of him pounding against her, even the abrasiveness of the stone wall at her back was nothing compared to the pleasure ripping through her. Tightening her legs around him, she urged him to go faster and deeper with low moans and breathy whispers. She could feel her climax building and nothing mattered at the moment but reaching where her body wanted so desperately to go.

“Draco, now!” Her cry turned into a yelp as he slammed into her harder, his free hand moving to pinch her clit in a surprise move that had her soaring over the edge before she realized it.

Draco reveled in the feel of her clenching around him, her eyes wide and stormy as she stifled her screams against his shoulder. He knew he’d have a mark there tomorrow, but he didn’t care. The only thing that would have been better was if he could have heard her screaming his name to the heavens.

Those thoughts were lost as he felt his own release slam into him, and had to bury his head against her throat to muffle his own cry of release.

Hogwarts Head Boy and Girl remained locked together for a long, long time, both struggling to come down from the high they’d experienced. Anyone who might have stumbled over them would have no doubt, from the tender way Draco now cradled Hermione in his arms, that they were a couple deeply in love.

Well, anyone but the two in question.

When she could finally breathe again, Hermione found the strength to lift her gaze until it locked with Draco’s intense stare. The reality of the situation, of what they’d just done and what it could mean, hit with a vengeance.

Draco, for the first time in a long time, felt reluctant to pull away, and that thought scared him enough to have him releasing her more abruptly than he would have liked. He noted a flash of something, quite possibly disappointment, in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced with a blank expression.

“We don’t mention this, ever.” She knew her voice wasn’t as hard as it should be, but she couldn’t help it. Her body was still trembling with the after effects of the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had in her life. But this could not happen again. The fact that it had happened once was bad enough.

“Mention what, Granger?” To his surprise, the words were almost a struggle to say, even as he separated from her and repaired his clothing. However, he couldn’t take his eyes off her flushed face, her heaving chest and the glorious knowledge that he’d been the one to bring her to this state. But he knew it couldn’t happen again. Too many dangers lay down that path. Still, he couldn’t stop himself from placing a hand over her shoulder.

For a moment, his hand remained on her shoulder, her eyes staring intently up at his.

For just a moment, Draco found himself wishing he could stay here forever, lost in her eyes and wrapped up in her body. The sentimental thought, however, was like a smack to the head and dragging his eyes from hers, he turned and strode down the hallway, resisting the almost overwhelming urge to return and lose himself in her body once more.

As the distance between them grew, he found the hard, bitter taste of reality sneaking back in. He’d given into temptation and it had been worth it. Better than he’d ever expected. But it could never happen again.

He refused to acknowledge the smidgeon of something inside him that shouted out that he might not be able to resist what they’d just put in motion.

Hermione watched him go, her body crying out for him to stay, her mind keeping her silent. She knew this had been wrong, knew it could never happen again, knew it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But watching the tightness of his shoulders as he disappeared from view, she couldn’t help but wonder if she was the only one having such feelings. Still, nothing could come of them. This could not happen again, it was far too dangerous.

But it was with a heavy heart that she trudged back towards their room, wondering if the temptation they’d just given into was only beginning.


The following fic is in response to Fic Request #9 which stated the following conditions:

Rating(s) of the Fic: R or NC-17

3-5 Things to Include in the Fic:
1. Draco and Hermione, Head Boy and Head Girl
2. Draco and Hermione 'caught up in the moment' (and do naughty things with each other :p)
3. Voldemort already dead (Harry killed him)
4. Snobby, yet powerful Narcissa
5. Pairings on the side: Harry/Pansy, Ron/Lavender, and Ginny/Neville

What Not to Include in the Fic:
Abusive!Lucius (He loves his wife!), Hermione/Draco sticky romance (Keep the fun by keeping the arguments), Slytherins and Gryfinndors are suddenly good friends.

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